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  • 10.01.2018
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Category: Interracial

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Mazunris | 17.01.2018
What about the sound Instagram makes when you go after @shitpost_memes_bunker ?
Ditaur | 12.01.2018
you're one sexy hot momma
Zolosida | 18.01.2018
They were rookies. Sloppy with no discernment. If you have to ask a liar for its name, you won't get a straight answer, and it means you have no experience nor discernment.
Juzshura | 12.01.2018
Years ago, when Texas re-instituted capital punishment with an unseemly gusto, we had an Attorney General named Jim Maddox. Whenever he could and this was when executions were conducted in the middle of the night he made it a point to travel to Huntsville to personally witness every execution conducted under his tenure as AG.

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