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  • 08.12.2018
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Vikus | 09.12.2018
So based on the reactions we saw Jon have during the battle, I’m betting he’s the one who is gonna end up killing his auntie. Only because his ass has been pretty useless this entire season since Arya knifed the Night King.
Taurn | 10.12.2018
Oh come on now, you can't hate ALL the Men. Especially the sexy ones.
Nir | 12.12.2018
Looks like it was a lot of joy!
Grogis | 13.12.2018
It's hardly care free-for-all. They're all professionals that most likely get tested more than you.
Maurr | 16.12.2018
Stepping out is part of Flake's bigger plan, and is predicated upon his reading of the tea leaves. He sees the Trump experiment ending poorly and with a leadership vacuum. Consequently, he keeps trying to toe the line between heeding to GOP orthodoxy and maintaining a hint of spine vis-a-vis Trump's excesses. The gamble is ostensibly designed to leave him uniquely situated by 2024, the latest.

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